Are Hybrid Cars Really Green?

The argument is far from settled. What makes a car truly green? There are those who argue that since the car is made at a factory that uses fossil fuels in its production, it cannot be considered a green product. Some even maintain that there aren't any environmentally friendly cars. They do not care if the car uses energy from fossil fuel, hydrogen or natural gas they consider them all to be a danger to the earth.

Facts show that a hybrid is a great green car, even if you are using for short distances. Longer distances require the use of fossil fuels so, does that negate the fact that the car is emitting less harmful emissions into the ozone layer. Most people never travel over 60 miles from their homes so this makes a hybrid an excellent choice for them.

This question is a valid one since the hybrids are being billed as the hope of the future. The hybrid uses electricity to give the vehicle increased gas mileage. A byproduct is that while running on battery power the car doesn't have to burn any gas.

There is also the argument that from a cost standpoint the hybrid vehicles are way too costly to make. There is also concern about disposal of the batteries used to run the hybrid vehicle. It all boils down to a personal perspective on what is good or bad for the environment. While both sides make a good case, it is always best to let the consumer decide.

There is one fact that is for certain and that is the hybrid cars, leave less environmental footprints than any other vehicle to date. The hybrid is about as green as it gets, at least for now. The car itself, while being used, does seem to meet the requirements for a green vehicle.

When you begin to charge the battery, you have to at least take look at the big picture. Unless your home is run purely on solar energy or other green energy source, once you plug it in to recharge you are no longer dealing with a green car. The energy source for charging is an important factor for some in this debate.

Green is not an absolute and we have to realize this. For instance, a solar fountain is still a green product, even though fossil fuels are used in manufacturing the bowls and metals that support it. Likewise, although rain barrels are made from plastic in factories that use fossil fuels, they are considered green because of their final functional application in saving and harvesting rain water. Green is about making whatever changes are necessary in order to make a difference. A hybrid may not be as green as many would like but it is a good deal more environmentally friendly than the vehicles with combustible engines.
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