Understanding Caller ID Spoofing

There are many ways of caller ID spoofing, and you will come to know the procedures of doing it from the Internet. Faking the caller ID can be done just for fun, or there may be some harmful motives behind doing so. If you are searching for some fake caller ID software or procedure on the Internet, then you need to be aware of the rules and regulations of the state first. Anything that is illegal must not be tried even for the sake of fun.
Presently, there are several websites on the Internet that allow you to call up another person using a different phone number. The recipient is totally confused and can never find out that you have called that person using a fake caller ID. Such pranks are generally used by school children and college going teens. So long as it is done with an intention not to harm to anyone, it really doesn't matter much. However when this technique is used with wrong intention, there can be loss of property and life as well.
Like the fake caller id trick, there are several other phone tricks that are being used by youngsters, and even adults. To search for such phone tricks, you will have to visit any popular search engine and search the Internet using keywords, such as phone tricks, easy phone tricks, simple phone tricks, call ID tricks, or net telephony tricks.
If you have the time, you can make a list of all the phone tricks and play them on your friends one by one. Such tricks are generally played during the free time or when there is a party going on. There is some basic etiquette that needs to be followed when you are playing any pranks, such as the caller Id prank. First of all, after you have played the prank on a friend or person, you have to ensure that you inform that person that you have played a prank on him or her. The timing of the prank is also very important. If a person is not in the mood to play the prank or be the victim, you should avoid playing the prank.
Things To Remember When Playing The Caller ID Prank
The fake caller identification prank can be very annoying at times, and so you need to be very careful in selecting the person on whom you will be playing the prank. One type of prank needs to be done only once on a single person. So, if you are playing a fake caller identification prank on a person, ensure that you don't repeat the prank on that person. Why? The surprise element will no longer be there to keep the victim aghast. Caller identification spoofing has landed up some mischievous persons behind the bars. So, be very sure if you are trying it out on any individual.
If you have decided to do the fake caller identification prank on someone, make sure that you have the proper telephone number. Be prepared to apologize, if the fake caller identification prank goes wrong. If you take all the precaution and play the fake caller ID prank in good spirits, you should not have any problem.
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