Lacerte Tax software: Resources for Lacerte Tax planners

Lacerte Tax Software, The feature rich tax preparation software from Intuit is one of the most popular tax programs available for fast and easy tax preparation. What makes the Lacerte tax preparation software even more attractive is the ability to offer complete financial management package besides the usual tax preparation help. It would be worthwhile to comprehend not only the features and modules that the Lacerte software offers but also the ways in which functionality of the tax program can be enhances such as hosting Lacerte on third party terminal servers or alternatively cloud servers.

What does Lacerte Tax software offers?

To emphasize on the functionalities that are critical for tax planners here is a quick view of the benefits that Lacerte Professional Tax software may offer.

-More tax returns in less time: Lacerte software helps financial professionals and tax planners in meeting their core necessities of preparing more tax returns in less time and hence enhancing the profitability as well as the productivity of the practice firm and financial enterprise.

-Minimize errors: Minimizing errors during the hectic tax preparation process with the ability of indicating the missed data and automatically filling the required ones through the missing client utility.

-Easy input of data: The worksheet style design of input interface ensures fast input of data and quick access to print, forms and diagnostic features.

-Client data import: the import functions built into Lacerte tax software ensures that all clients' statements can be imported directly to the database and input filled into required forms.

-Form sheets and calculation tools: What differentiates Lacerte from other tax software is the availability of comprehensive form sheets and large calculation list so as to enable preparation of even the most difficult tax return easily and in less time.

Lacerte Tax program: more productivity tools for complete financial management

Besides the core functionalities, Lacerte Tax program offers ways to boost productivity of the Tax practice in more than on way:

-Lacerte Document Management system: This Lacerte Add-on can help remote storage of client files and data so that it is accessible swiftly and it come with powerful import/export capability so that integration of data with other accounting software such as is easy.

-Lacerte Tax planner: It helps tax practice to provide customized solutions to their clients for filing tax return as well as to suggest optimal tax practices for enhanced client benefit.

-Lacerte Tax analyzer: This add-on allows the financial professional to advice the clients on current Tax laws as well as to indicate those data that may be inconsistent with the present audit practice.

Lacerte Tax software hosting for enhanced productivity

The productivity of the Lacerte Tax program is enhanced if the tax practice decides to host the software on third party terminal servers or cloud servers. The most likely benefit of Lacerte Hosting. The advantage of Lacerte Tax program Hosting includes:

-Accessing the program from any place anytime: With Lacerte Tax software hosting, the finance professional is no longer bound to the local enterprise network for accessing the software. Thus they can access the software from office, home or any location they wish, from any online connection.

-Multiuser simultaneous access: Lacerte Hosting enables multi-user access of the tax program for each licensed users as well as real time collaboration on the software. Thus the Tax practice can share files with their clients, see what their clients are doing and explain functionalities without face to face interaction with the clients thus saving their precious time as well as transportation costs.

-Integration with other software and Add-ons: Lacerte tax software can be integrated with other software such as QuickBooks accounting application so as to offer complete financial management solutions. Together with Lacerte Tax software Hosting, the Add-ons such as Lacerte Document Management system as well as programs such as QuickBooks accounting application can also be hosted so as to enable complete and easy integration between these programs.

-Secure Data: Financial data is extremely important for the clients and so is their security. Lacerte Tax software Hosting, offers extreme security of your data through daily remote backup in multiple locations, online security tools and firewall protected access to the program files.
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