Elements that determine the efficiency and effectiveness of a download manager

Like most software solutions, the effectiveness and efficiency of a download manager largely depends on its design elements, that is, how it is designed to do all the tasks it is required to do. An expedient downloading manager should ideally increase the speed of downloading processes, make downloading tasks easy, effortless and convenient, increase the number of files that a user can download, and enable the downloading of a large variety of multimedia files.
A good manager should incorporate a download logic accelerator capable of automating intelligent file segmentation as well as a dynamic P2P downloading technology. File segmentation logic helps to break down huge files into separate streams that can then be downloaded simultaneously at infinitely high speeds. This means that at any one time an effective manager can be downloading multiple segments of the same file simultaneously. The speed at which individual files are downloaded is effectively going to be faster.
Dynamic P2P technology allows a user downloading an individual file to access it from numerous sources. This means that if one source server is down or otherwise engaged, the user can still access the same file from other sources thereby enabling the speedy download of simultaneous segments. Different segments of the same file can be sourced from multiple sources simultaneously which in turn infinitely boosts the rate of file download. It must be said however that P2P technology exposes a user to numerous security threats. As such, a good should be able to guarantee safe connections to other users and sources for every downloaded file through enhanced virus protection abilities.
A third design element of an optimal download manager is size. Ideally, local disk spaces should largely be dedicated to storing downloaded files but not downloading software. This means that a good manager, while being powerful and optimized for use, should also be super light-weight. The best downloading managers occupy negligible disk space. One argument used in support of downloading managers is convenience and ease of use over conventional browser-based downloading technology. This means that the best download management software should have an easy-to-use application such as an intuitive, flexible and user-friendly interface. It should make downloading processes easy, straightforward and effortless.
Another design element of a good downloading manager is user control. A user should ideally have absolute control over the downloading process. As such, the manager should allow users to set their bandwidth prioritization, choose their download categories, define their proxy servers, arrange and process their download queues, manage the storage of completed downloads, and alter file names at will. The last essential design feature of an optimized download manager is variety of downloadable files. Modern users require a huge variety of multimedia files ranging from movies to web page videos, and from videos to music albums. As such, the best downloading management software should empower a user with regards to variety.
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