Spatial Data Mining Systems

Data mining systems are used for a variety of different purposes. Essentially, large amounts of data are stored in one particular spot, enabling organizations and companies to access information that will help them in their own marketing and surveillance strategies. By having access to all relevant data, a company can better employ their sales and production tactics. Companies and businesses can save large sums of money by researching past consumer behaviors and producing product in relation to how well it sold at certain times. This is just a small example of what data mining can do for a company.

Spatial data mining systems rely on the same principals. However, the data stored is related directly to special data. Spatial data mining systems are also used to detect patterns, but the patterns that are being looked for are geographical patterns. Up until this point geographical information systems and spatial data mining have existed as two separate technologies. Both systems have their own individual approaches to storing geographical data. Each system has derived from its own methods and traditions, making it difficult to cross the two. Geographical information systems tend to be much more basic and only provide the most simple form of functionality. Because there became a larger demand for geographically referenced data, the basic functions of GIS represented the massive need for more sophisticated methods of mining spatial data. There is a larger demand for geographical analysis and modeling as well as digital mapping and remote sensing.

Through spatial data mining, there have been numerous benefits experienced by those who make important decisions based on geographical information systems. Public and private sector organizations have recently become aware of the huge potential of the amount of information they possess in their thematic and geographical referenced databases. There are various types of companies who can benefit from geographical data. For example, those that are in the public health sector will use this data to determine the cause for epidemics such as disease clusters. In addition, some environmental agencies will use the information collected in these databases to understand the impact of land-use patterns that are in constant flux and how they relate to climate change. Geo-marketing companies will also find this information useful when they are conducting customer research regarding segmentation on spatial location.

However, spatial data mining systems force those who need them to face certain challenges. First of all, these databases tend to be extremely large and can be cumbersome to sort through when looking for specific information. Geographical information system datasets and address verification software that already exist are usually split into featured and attributed components and this means that they are separated into hybrid data management systems. Both featured and attributed data systems require separate means of management. For example algorithmic requirements differ when it comes to relational data, which is in the attribute category and for topographical data, which falls under the feature category.

The two main systems for spatial data management are the raster and the vector. Depending on the needs of the data being used, it is important to analyze the benefits and downfalls of both systems.Links:
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