Running Slow Pc?boost Your Pc

Why your PC is too slow???

How is your PC performance?is it slow?,getting slower or freaking slow ?why do I get a lot of errors,pop ups,warnings ,junky stuff,continous warning like permission not allowed etc. ? Let me tell you why your computer is acting that way.

I have computer for around 7 years and now realized that why my PC is running slow .Obviously you guys have also had experience that why your PC is running to slow?Since these things are handy ,There are lot of reasons why your PC is running too slow like viruses,spywares,bots,automatic updates,so many opened programs etc.

I am going to explain 5 major things that makes your PC runs slow.

1. Computer viruses

Lots of users have unncessary virus that abruptly pop up whenever they click a link or visit a webpage .Viruses are automated programs that are designed for specific tasks ,I can say they are group of commands like to delete some registry file ,delete your folders ,open programs again and again ,so it is better to remove these viruses to improve our PC performance and speed ,They run in background and utilize your main memory and you have less memory to run other programs ,so it makes slow ,so it is better to remove these viruses by Antiviruses programs like Nortan,Avira etc.


They are also automated programs installed on your PC without your knowledge .This slow down your PC and can send also sensitive information from your PC to some other PC .so it is better to remove those .

3.Registry Errors

Another reason ,why our computer runs slow is Registry errors .The best to use for windows registry is the registry mechanic .It cleanes the registry files ,It copies files and repair all files also .I can say that registry Mechanic can boost your PC speed .

4. Cluttered Hard drive

When you surf the internet it is possible that you have cluttered data ,Hard drive jam .It makes the browser cache full.The one reason why your PC is slow.It is always better to remove and clean temporary files .I am giving the name of one software that boost your PC speed .Cyberscrub privacy suite Software is effective to use .It is must use software .

5. Hard drive defragging

Finally ,defragging the hard drive can make your PC slow .Defragmenting takes much time to do so but I suggest you to use the defrag utility on your PC.

If you follow all these steps effectively you can improve your PC speed .

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