Keeping Organized: Look After Your Inbox

As we all know our inboxes have turned into modern day filing systems - and just like in the 'old' days they can get chaotic and out of hand in no time. Attempts are made to control the unruly inboxes, but for the most part messages are swept into folders that act as catch alls for everything (unorganized amalgamations of incoherent mess - thank goodness for advanced find!).

Think of the benefits an organized, logical filing system would mean for you: referencing to emails that you've received, find and view attachments again, decrease your scrolling time, and if you ever need someone to go in and look for something, you will be able to point them in the right folder, rather than having them rummage through all your emails.

Now that you're eager to change your unorganized inboxes, here are some tips to help you on your way.

Inbox: Your Inbox should be just that - an inbox, not a permanent storage folder by any means. Even if you have a 'misc' file off of your inbox, keep your inbox clean and tidy. If you receive emails on a subject that you're in process of dealing with and you're not ready to move them into a more permanent folder, create a '2do' folder off of your inbox, from there group messages into subfolders.

This is a great way to keep organized and an easy reference to see what you have to do.

How to use it: When you receive an email for an ongoing or upcoming task, create a folder in your '2do' folder with a name related to that task or client. Move the email into that folder, create a reminder or appointment if necessary, and -voilLinks:
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