The Powershot Sd1200 Review - It's Compact, It's Cute: But Does It Work?

Using the Canon Powershot SD1200 has proven to be a thoroughly joyful experience. It's a neat little unit that I'd say is perfect for amateur photographers.Whilst it may look a little on the pricey side in this Powershot SD1200 review I'll discuss those factors that put it a notch or two above its competitors in the same price range. Don't fret, you'll get your money's worth out of this little cutie.

And cute it is. I bought my Canon Powershot SD1200 in Lime Green - not that color has effect on the outcome of your pictures. But it's also available in Pink, Blue, Silver, Black and Gray so if you're choosy about the color of your camera (and this was certainly a talking point in several of the user reviews that I read prior to purchasing) you shouldn't have any problems in that department. And it's smaller than a deck of playing cards as well, which only ramps up its "cuteness" in my opinion.

But let's get down to brass tacks here - because no truly sane individual is going to hand over their hard earned for a camera simple because it is small and cute. You want to know what sort of problems I've encountered whilst using the Powershot SD1200 and, surprisingly, there have been very few. My chief criticism is that the manual that comes with it doesn't go into nearly enough detail. Sure, I could work everything out in the end, but it'd be good if everything I needed to know was already in the box.

The fact is that this little camera actually cranks out pictures that are better quality than a lot of higher priced cameras. And even though it's small, all of the buttons are easily accessible to and easy to use. Short story: it's a great little point and click camera that anybody can use with ease.

Probably the feature that appeals to me most is its Smart Auto setting which automatically adjusts to the proper setting for whatever picture you're taking. I use this setting probably 90% of the time and it's yet to take a bad picture. So if you're in the market for an easy to use, point and click camera, and it has to be compact and you're fussy about what color it comes in then, this reviewer highly recommends the Powershot SD1200.
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