Broadband Appeal: Choosing The Right Broadband Service

Whether you want to shop online, download music or films, or work from home, it is more than likely that you have at least considered getting broadband if, in fact, you haven't already done so.

But with so many broadband providers now in the market - BT, AOL, TalkTalk, Virgin, Tiscali and Sky, to name but a few - how can you be sure you're getting the best deal?

The first piece of advice must be to properly research the products and services on offer. Don't just look at cost alone. There's little point in having a super fast and cheap connection if you can't get it working and/or you have to stump up huge costs trying to get the helpline to fix things.

First, have a look at what provider is available in your area. Most postcodes have at least two or more providers, making some comparative research well worthwhile.

You may be able to save some costs by buying broadband through your existing telephone or TV provider. For example, you can get free broadband with TalkTalk, if you are signed up to its Talk3 international call plan, which gives unlimited calls to UK landlines and free or reduced calls to some other countries. Sky also offers good broadband deals to existing TV customers, with a free 2MB service and 2GB monthly usage cap; an 8MB service with a 40GB cap for Links:
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