What Processors Are The Best?

There are very few processors on the market and with that comes a great deal of problems in choosing one over the other. The top processor manufacturers are Intel, AMD, and PowerPC each having its own classes of processors.

They each have their own specific pros and cons making them stand out of the competition and make them great and bad at the same time. It can sometimes be demanding to choose one when you are barraged with technical terms, but hopefully after reading some features the decision will be a little easier.

The first company to make processors is also the highest on the food chain currently. Intel has been making processors for years and is, at the moment, one of the most used processors in computer manufacturing. They have great features such as fast speeds and with their invention of dual cores they have been able to take on more daunting tasks. Intel was the first company to take on the dual core challenge and have successfully taken it to processors that have four cores.

The next competitor for the best processors is a company called AMD. They have been around for a little less time, but nonetheless are creating great processors. They have been increasing the usage of the newly created 64 bit feature that add even more processing power to each computer that is able to use these processors. With their advancements it will be no trouble seeing that the competition may very well cave and consumers may start seeing even more AMD products in mainstream computers.

The least known processor is the PowerPC and is least know due to its applications. It was originally only used in Mac computers but has recently been involved in handheld devices. This processor type is on its way out due to its age and less supporting audience. With its slower processing speeds, limited features and the recent changeover from PowerPC to the Intel platform by Mac, this processor has all but seen the last of its days on the market.

With all the processors on the market is easy to see that there are many viable choices, each with their own ups and downs. This is not all bad seeing that as long there are cons there will be competition to create a better and faster processor with more and more features. Hopefully the mega companies will foster enough competition to unlock even more secrets and abilities for the computer to become an even better part of our everyday lives.

With all the information that has hit the market in the past few years it will hopefully get clearer over time. With the massive creation of processors that will eventually be fast enough to do the same as every other, it will be up to the consume in the end to figure out what will ultimately help them the most.Links:
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