How a Registry Cleaner Can Eliminate the Blue Screen of Death

Computers are incredibly useful and they are constantly helping us streamline our lives. Without them, everything we do, from paying bills to ordering holiday gifts, would involve extra steps and extra time. But, computers can make our lives difficult as well-especially when they generate error messages we don't understand. Even worse than error messages, the widely-feared Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) can abruptly change the way we see our computer, making it a burden in an instant. If you have ever been in the midst of working on a project for work or school on your computer, and have seen the feared BSOD, you know what this feels like. The operating system generates an error that says "fatal error" and you suddenly think your computer-and your project-are gone. While the "fatal error" sounds deadly, there's no need to worry. Armed with the right information and the right tool, you can bring your system back to life. And, once you've revived it, the system will be running faster than ever. Knowing what the Blue Screen of Death is and how to avoid and repair it is key. Once armed with this knowledge, your operating system will be less overwhelming to you. The BSOD error is generally caused by errors in the Windows system registry. The registry is a directory within your Windows operating system that stores settings and options.

Holding an abundance of information, the registry acts as a closet. Imagine all the items you add to your closet over the course of a year. Over time, your closet becomes disorganized and you can't find things you need. The process of finding things in your closet slows down dramatically. The same is true with the Windows system registry. Over time, the registry becomes cluttered with entries and begins to function poorly, sometimes even generating frightening errors. One common error in the system registry that leads to slowdowns and to the Blue Screen of Death is the DLL error. Before learning about the DLL error, it is important to understand what DLL files are. They are central to all applications and programs and they enable shared files to link up with each other. Without DLL files, a program's files would not be able to communicate in order to execute the program. DLL files are easy to identify because they end in the .dll extension. Before you encountered the Blue Screen of Death, it is possible that your system generated an error regarding a DLL file. Whether your BSOD was caused by a DLL error or another issue, the answer lies within your system's registry. There are two solutions then for the Blue Screen of Death.

First, you can manually investigate your system's registry and manually repair any errors. This can be very time-consuming. There is a second, easier solution.

You can download a registry cleaning tool to scan and clean your Windows operating system registry. A popular and efficient registry cleaner is RegCure. This registry cleaner will scan your registry and remove any unneeded entries that are causing slowdowns and errors. The first step is visiting There, you'll be able to download a free scan of your system's registry. From there, you can choose whether you want to use RegCure to clean your registry. If you elect to use RegCure, your BSOD errors will disappear. In addition, any other system errors you have experienced will disappear as well. Most important, your system will return to functioning like new, and you will notice the change in speed. Sorting through your registry manually takes time, but using a registry cleaner is the best thing you can do to fix annoying, or in the case of the Blue Screen of Death, overwhelming system errors. If you use RegCure on a regular basis, you will never experience a last minute BSOD crisis again.
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